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What We Do

We are a compassionate community of providers, patients, caregivers and residents who are committed to promoting health, wellbeing and positive experiences for all.


North York Toronto Health Team has identified the following strategic areas of focus:

Image about NYTHP Strategic Goals

Fighting the Pandemic+

  • Working together to support safety, roll-out vaccinations, and promote staff resilience

Communications & Engagement

  • Understanding how we work best together, building on our collective strengths, and supporting our community together.

Primary Care 

  • Building a robust primary care network, referral network, and virtual interprofessional care for our community.


  • Working together to create innovative digital solutions to support care in North York through initiatives such as digital integration, remote monitoring, and virtual care,

Integrating Care

  • Understanding our partners’ strengths and areas of expertise & developing unique programs that span the various health care sectors (for example, North York CARES).

Strengthening Our Collaborations

  • Creating unique ways to work together across our organizations with an emphasis on health equity. Involving our Patient and Caregiver Health Council in every aspect of initiative planning for North York.

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